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Quick turn around shirt orders – Custom Silk Screen Printing Appreal in Oxnard, Many different family functions are actually excellent opportunities to generate a custom printed shirt. First of all, a household reunion is a superb time for you to get custom printed shirts. You may create a shirt design that also includes your last name, the date, a photo that represents the case, or anything else that your group would love. According to the event, you could possibly choose to charge for that shirts, or maybe share these with those in your loved ones. Silk Screen Printing Appreal – DTG T Shirt Printing With Thousands Of Colors At One Low Price! An alternative is always to have custom t-shirts manufactured for a family group trip. Yourself and your family can wear matching shirts as you enjoy your time and efforts away. Whether you are going to a beach town, an amusement park, or to almost every other destination, having custom shirts with the name or perhaps your vacation's theme on them is a lot of fun and constitutes a great souvenir. Also you can create custom printed t-shirts for business events. When you make shirts that share the event's name along with a catchy picture or phrase, this will give your enterprise a lot more exposure to result in customers to remember you and also contact you if they need a company that focuses on your niche. Also, this makes an effective reminder. You should consider causing them to be for company picnics, company sponsored fun days, or any other event that your company is part of. People enjoy t-shirts and they are generally an excellent advertising medium. Creating custom printed t-shirts for sports teams is another great choice. Whether or not the team already has team shirts, making shirts for the team that contains the name from the team together with the players' and coaches is a lot of fun. You can also consider making shirts for moms and dads or siblings or someone else who wishes to show support for that team. These custom team t-shirts can also be an incredible fundraising item and can really help the team obtain the funds that they need for whatever it is they need. As we discussed, custom printed t-shirts are a fantastic choice for a range of reasons. Whether you need to produce a shirt for any family event, use a company event coming up where you could take advantage of a custom shirt, or you need to show support for your personal child's sport team, these are generally all great reasons to produce a shirt that shares some form of helpful tips. Take advantage of the ideas shared here to aid get you going on creating the custom t-shirts to suit your needs and prepare to get fun with the designing process.

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I Have A 100% Polyester Jacket With Embroidery On The Back. Can I Remove It Without Ruining The Jacket? How?

if you remove the embroidery then most likely you're gonna ruin the jacket so i wouldn't suggest taking it off

T-Shirts Cheap For Sale?
Was Wondering Where I Buy Cheap T Shirts Like From A Warehouse.

just google t shirt wholesalers .You should get A pretty extensive list. Then just comparison shop.

How To Clean Up A Image That Will Be Used For Silk Screen Printing?
I Have Photoshop Cs3 How Can I Clean A Image To Prepare It For Printing For The Screen. Whether It Be One I Scanned Or If A Client Gives Me One They Found Online

"Clean up an image" is really subjective. You can spend hours working on an image in PS.
If a client gives us an image they found "online" that already brings out the red flags in regards to image quality and copyright. As for scanning your own images, the better quality scan you can achieve, the less work you'll need to do in PS to clean it up.

By it's nature, silk screen printing is usually down with very rough screens so the image doesn't need to be all that great in most instances. We have also silk screened a highly detailed Japanese logo onto wood using a very tight screen. For that job we started with the clients very high quality eps file.

Bulb Needed To Burn A Silk Screen? (Screen Printing)?
Hi There,

I Am Having Real Difficulty In Finding A Good Enough Bulb To Burn My Silk Screen And Also A Bulb Holder To Hold Such A High Wattage! It Calls For A 250W Photoflood Bulb But These Seem To Be Discontinued And I Cannot Find Them Anywhere, If I Found One It Was Going To Be Held In A Ceramic Bulb Holder With A Max Wattage Of 250, Meaning That The Latest 275W Bulbs Are Not Suitable. I Came Across A Bowens Halostar 250W Bulb And Wondered If This Would Be Suitable? Its Shape Is Quite Strange So I'M Not Sure If The Light Would Be Too Concentrated In One Area, Even With The Use Of A Reflector. Does Anyone Have Any Experience With This? If You Can Advise Any Other Bulbs That Would Work That Would Be Great. I Don'T Want A Halogen Work Light Though Or An Exposure Unit. I Also Live In The Uk.

Thanks For Any Responses.

Link To View Bulb:


When I was burning emulsions for screen printing, I just got a "sunlamp" bulb in a short stand. The selection for UV lamps/bulbs/sources is even wider nowadays I would guess…here's what one guy said as possibilities:

. . . sunlight, un-filtered black lights, quartz, mercury vapor and metal halide lamps (of course some sources work better than others, and like computers faster usually means more money)…

More ideas and discussion in these search results:…
Or ask in this discussion forum at Craftster (one of their sub-boards for screen printing):…

Good luck!

Where Can I Find A Good Silk Screen Printing Company For My Designed T-Shirts?
I Already Have My Designs Finished In Photoshop. I Need A Good Company That Will Print Them Onto Actual Tshirts. Please Help Me Out. Thanks

Providing your location for a question such as this could be helpful. Your process is multi fold: as you have a design, that part is out of the way. How many colors? You can find good blanks from American Apparel or from my favorite, Alternative Apparel, both are based here in the US and will add value to your shirt regardless of where you sell it, it's still Made in USA. The people at Alternative can give you directions as to where to go get your shirts printed because they are probably selling them blanks already. Good luck with your venture, it sounds like a business plan may be in order for you. Do a few inline searches and try to establish what your obstacles will be. Having shirts made may not be nearly as difficult as selling them.. good luck!!!

What Is Better Digital Printing,Or Silk Screen Printing.?
Trying To Decide Between A Digital Printing Press.Or A Silk Screen Printing Press To Do T,Shirts.

Silk screening is more durable and will last longer. With the aid of a computer there is no difference in what you can do to edit, etc… a picture for printing (the main feature of digital)

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