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T Shirts Oxnard has state of the art, high resolution, custom imprinted tee’s in full color and the only digital system like this in town We can print as few as one shirt in full color to as many as you need. For more than 30 years we have been screen printers. If you would like more information or pricing call us were are here to help.

Contact Information
Phone: 805-725-5055

The following are brand we carry:
Adams, Adidas Golf, Alternative, Anvil, Apples & Oranges, Augusta Sportswear, Authentic Pigment, BAGedge, Big Accessories, Champion, Chestnut Hill, Code V, Comfort Colors, Devon & Jones, Dickies, Econscious, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Hanes.

Screen printing materials, particularly tee’s has actually been a crucial industry for several years. Printing images, logo designs, mottos or other easily recognizable styles on fabrics as well as tee’s are frequently used for advertising products. Display printing transfers a style to apparel, buying bags, hats, paper napkins, and so on. The most up to date technology consists of digital printing using electronic, electrostatic, or inkjet printing. This method is becoming more preferred throughout the printing sector. It offers the ability of a quick turn-around in addition to the ability to personalize the product published.

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[Ebook] How to Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit Download online

[Ebook] How to Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit Download online

Reads Now http://digitalbooks.site/?book=0985106808

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Beauté mode : Plastron à fabriquer soi-même avec de vieux t-shirts

Beauté mode : Plastron à fabriquer soi-même avec de vieux t-shirts

Retrouvez tous nos conseils et idées Beauté mode en vidéo sur http://www.minutefacile.com/beaute-mode/
Regarder cette vidéo sur http://www.minutefacile.com/beaute-mode/mode-et-accessoires/23941-plastron-a-fabriquer-soi-meme-avec-de-vieux-t-shirts
S’abonner ! : http://www.dailymotion.com/minutefacile
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Design your own custom t-shirts with Tee Junction Australia

Design your own custom t-shirts with Tee Junction Australia

See how you can design your own t-shirts with the free design tool from Tee Junction, an Australian custom t-shirt printing company.

The animated promo video was created in 2013 to highlight the ease of use of the design tool and the basic steps required for customers to have their own personlised designs transformed into a printed tee.

There are three steps highlighted for the process. First select the product (from a range of t-shirts, singlets and hoodies). Secondly, add your own custom text, images or designs from the gallery. Lastly, confirm sizes and order information and Tee Junction will sort out the rest.

T-shirts are printed digitally using Direct-to-Garment technology (DTG) or screen printing. There are no minimum orders or setup fees commonly associated with traditional t-shirt printers in Australia.

T-shirt designs created online by you!

Tee Shirt Silk Screen Printing 5

Tee Shirt Silk Screen Printing 5

Tee Shirt Silk Screen Printing 5

Your Lead Generation Should Be Working For You

TIP! If gain trust in your community, you can generate more leads. Steer clear of gimmicky, loud advertisements.

Are you stuck with finding ways to get new leads for your business? Some methods may work, while others don’t. You can increase your level of success by learning how others get leads.

TIP! Be clear on issues regarding opt-out and privacy. Be sure to be aware of leads that state a preference to not receive additional offers or communications.

Keep the buying cycle of the consumer in mind while you think about getting more leads because it can give you great results. Consumers usually look at an offer, research for information, then decide whether or not to purchase. If you’re able to target the content and offers to that cycle, you may help them consider buying from you!

TIP! Make sure that any leads you get are original ones. You can easily get distracted with gathering or buying leads and not check for duplicates.

When using digital advertising, it is important that you create a landing page to help generate leads. Try not to send your contacts to a general website. This is the most effective way to keep them at your site. If you provide a contact form as well, then you’re getting somewhere with lead generation.

TIP! Talking with businesses in the area that are similar to yours can be very helpful. A personal organizer could give a seminar on office organization, for example.

Make sure that opt-out and privacy policies are clearly visible and laid out on your website. Ensure that those leads you are generating haven’t opted out of receiving offers. It wastes your time and invades their privacy.

Duplicated Leads

TIP! Develop a lead generation calendar. You may scare people away if you are being too aggressive with your lead generation efforts.

You want to definitely know that you have obtained original leads. Duplicated leads are not good for your bottom line. Duplicated leads will not gain you any profit. Be sure that you have a target number of leads in mind so that you can make sure they’re all different.

TIP! Look for subscriptions if you’re blogging. These subscriptions allow readers to be reminded about new content to be visited on your blog.

Don’t forget to utilize your telephone. There are many people that may need what you are offering. Someone will always want to buy what you are selling if it is a good product.

TIP! The best way to ensure success, no matter how much you spend on leads, is to have goals and solid strategy. Once your campaign gets rolling, track its progress so you can determine what works and what doesn’t.

Use some long-tail keywords when optimizing your website. Never use a lot of them, but since they are targeted to a specific consumer these could really be helpful to you. Try these out, make any needed changes, and you will soon figure out which are most effective.

TIP! Find out how your existing clientele came to discover you. Use Google Analytics to determine from what pages your traffic sprang.

It is time to compile your notes and begin the process of generating business leads. This article should’ve helped you sold the problem of getting leads. Start acting on your plan right away.

Custom Embroidered Shirts from EmbroidMe San Diego

Custom Embroidered Shirts from EmbroidMe San Diego

Custom embroidered shirts are easy to order. Here’s an overview of the process. Your business or organization can order shirts completely over the internet, or if you are local to San Diego.

Superman Printed Gray Colour T Shirts

Superman Printed Gray Colour T Shirts

Purchase https://www.neevov.com/mens/men-superman-t-shirts neevov t shirts which have printed superhero superman with Gray colour cotton cloth along with four custom sizes.

[PDF] Epub How to Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit Full Online

[PDF] Epub How to Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit Full Online

Get Free Now http://edigibooks.xyz/?book=0985106808

sell t-shirts – YouTube

sell t-shirts – YouTube

sell t-shirts

custom tees (7)

custom tees (7)


Print T Shirts Cheap Oxnard

Custom Tee's Oxnard. T-shirts Oxnard, Shirts in Oxnard, Shirt Silkscreen
Oxnard,Custom T Shirt Center Oxnard, Printed T Shirts Oxnard. Oxnard Printed T Shirt
Silkscreener In or Near Oxnard.

Quick turn around shirt orders – Custom Print T Shirts Cheap in Oxnard, A variety of family functions make great opportunities to make a custom printed shirt. To start with, a household reunion is a good time to get custom printed shirts. You could make a shirt design which includes your last name, the date, an image that is representative of the celebration, or anything else your group would love. According to the event, you might opt to charge for that shirts, or simply share all of them with those in your household. Print T Shirts Cheap – DTG T Shirt Printing With Thousands Of Colors At One Low Price! Another choice is always to have custom t-shirts created for a family trip. Yourself and your family can wear matching shirts while you enjoy your time and energy away. Whether you are going to a beach town, an theme park, or some other destination, having custom shirts along with your name or maybe your vacation's theme about them quite a bit of fun and makes a great souvenir. Also you can create custom printed t-shirts for business events. Whenever you make shirts that share the event's name along with a catchy picture or phrase, this will give your organization more exposure and results in customers to remember you and contact you once they require a company that specializes in your niche. Also, it makes a good reminder. You should consider which makes them for company picnics, company sponsored fun days, or another event that your company is an element of. People love t-shirts plus they are a great advertising medium. Creating custom printed t-shirts for sports teams is yet another great choice. Even if your team already has team shirts, making shirts for that team which contains the name of your team along with the players' and coaches quite a bit of fun. You can also consider making shirts for parents or siblings or other people who would like to show support for that team. These custom team t-shirts are also an incredible fundraising item and can really help the team receive the funds they require for whatever it is they want. As you can see, custom printed t-shirts are a fantastic option for so many different reasons. Whether you would like to build a shirt for the family event, possess a company event coming up where you could make use of a custom shirt, or you wish to show support for the child's sport team, these are typically all great reasons to create a shirt that shares some kind of helpful information. Take advantage of the ideas shared here to help you get you started on creating the custom t-shirts to meet your needs and prepare to obtain fun together with the designing process.

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What Are The Steps To Silk Screen Printing? What Supplies Are Needed?

1 you need a frame
2 you need mesh (the screen) note: it is no longer called silk screen as the industry no longer uses silk.
3 you need to stretch the screen over the frame this process takes time as you need to let the screen stretch then re tension.
4 attach the screen to the frame
5 degrease the screen
6 wash
7 let dry
8 apply emulsion
9 let dry
10 apply your negative or positive
11 shoot the screen also called exposing or burning.
12 wash the uncured emulsion from the screen
13 let dry
14 pin hole the screen also called blocking
15 tape off the screen – this is not necessary but will aid greatly in the clean up process
16 put the screen in a press or whatever you are using to fixture the screen
17 if you are using an automated press put the flood bar in and the squeegee in, if not get the squeegee ready
18 get the material
19 place material on platen
20 locate the art on the material
21 locate the screen to the art
I am using the term art as the positive or negative.
22 set stops or adjust platen
23 add ink
24 flood screen – drag a coat of ink across the mesh
25 print – apply downward force while removing the ink you just flooded across the screen
26 dry product
27 remove ink
28 clean flood bar and or squeegee
29 clean ink out of screen
30 wash screen out with screen wash
31 wash screen out with haze/emulsion/ghost remover
32 inspect screen and repeat if necessary
33 dry screen
34 clean up your area
35 go out and sell another job so you can do it again

buy the frame with the mesh already in it
block out
pressure washer
some type of vaccum burning unit with light sorce
some type of set up or press
if printing flat material you need a vaccum table
if textiles the platens and spray adhesive
drying method for your purpose
screen wash
emulsion remover
ghost remover
EPA permit
business license and whatever your area requires.
customers are good too

Good Luck

How Much Does Silk Screen Printing Equipment Cost?
Including Everything That'S Required

Welp let's see here.

-Screen $15-20
victoryfactory.com has really nice ones that aren't too expensive. I got my huge 18×22 one for $18 and there are also smaller, cheaper ones. If you want to do multiple colors for one print, I would recommend getting more than one screen. (It's not completely necessary, but it makes things easier/quicker)
-Ink $5-7 per color
-Squeegee $10-15
-Scoop Coater/Trough $8-10
-Screen Cleaner $6

And then depending on whether you want to use drawing fluid or photo emulsion, you would get different products.

Drawing Fluid:
-Drawing Fluid $5
-Screen Filler $18

Photo Emulsion:
-Emulsion $17
-Photoflood lightbulb $6
(This is optional. You could also use the sun as a light source, or a normal light bulb. But keep in mind: the sun is a VERY inconsistent light source and could easily mess up your print/emulsion and a normal bulb takes an hour+ to expose and it's not very efficient)

So roughly anywhere between $70-100 in total.
You can find all these things at either victoryfactory.com, utrecht.com, or dickblick.com

OR, you could just """borrow""" some of the supplies from your art teacher, like I did. 😉

Different Types Of Shirts?

Add To The List

Four types of shirts

We view the shirt to be a part of your outdoor equipment, just like a shell jacket or down garment, and we therefore choose the fabric and functions based on the activity. This means that you can expect a lot from a Fjällräven shirt.

All of our shirts are designed to withstand many years of active wear. They are reinforced with overlapping seams and double stitching and the buttons are fastened securely to handle rough wear. Many models have openings for extra ventilation under the sleeves, in the sides or in the back. Several pocket constructions are made from mesh so that shirt will be cool and comfortable to wear when you are active.

To make it easier for you to choose, we have divided our shirts into several main categories based on their intended use:
Trekking and outdoor shirts

Here you will find our most durable shirts, which are designed for active use in nature. These include cotton or bamboo shirts with extra reinforcements and excellent breathability as well as shirts in quick-drying stretch for more intense outdoor activities. This category also includes comfortable models made from soft, moisture-wicking fleece that function perfectly as a warm middle layer.
Travel shirts

Our travel shirts are perfect for adventures under a burning sun as well as warm summer days. They are made from a durable fabric that breathes well and keeps you cool at the same time as it protects against UV radiation. Other practical features are their low weight, the fact that they take up little space in your suitcase and that they are practically wrinkle-free.
Forest shirts

The colouring of these shirts help you blend in with nature. Here you will find sturdy cotton shirts, quick-drying shirts made from functional fabric and warm shirts in a wool blend. Perfect for fishing, hunting, bird watching and other activities in the forest.

Everyday shirts

Silk Printing Companies?
Where Can I Find Companies Who Do Silk Screen Printing On Acrylic Jars?

The ABC Press Group specializes in colour printing of a high award winning quality. Decades of experience in the printing industry allows us to service a wide range of our clients requirements.

Affinity Publishing has an established reputation for producing high quality "benchmark" books on Branding, Advertising, Design and now Renewal & Development in Johannesburg. The Flagship Encyclopaedia of Brands and Branding in South Africa is going into its 12th edition in 2006 and is regarded as the "bible" of brand development in SA.

Creda Communications is a strategic partner in graphic communications, adding value beyond print to integrate a full service line of products and services that incorporates creative design, origination facilities, digital libraries, content conversion, print, finishing and fulfilment.

Entrepreneur is the best-selling business magazine on the newsstands in America. It is also the best-selling entrepreneurship magazine in the world (published in the USA, Mexico, Russia, Hungary, China and the Philippines, with global monthly sales in excess of 800 000 copies).

Finweek is a concise and incisive weekly magazine for time-pressed readers. Its pages bring business and investment issues to life via an investigative journalistic approach that takes nothing for granted.

Print and distribution of a specialist advertising medium in the form of free postcards. Also specializing in promotions and design, print and distribution of all forms of point of sale merchandising.

Hello – the first word in communication. We specialise in below the line territory, delivering strategic solutions that are creatively executed. We have four creative pods: Hello [Brand Strategy], Digital Media & Interactive [Hello Computer], Printed Promotional Material [Hello Brand] and highly experiential Events [Spread Em Punk!]

Kemtek specialises in providing end-to-end solutions for bar coding, labelling, printing, scanning and related data management requirements and believes that service is the key to success. Their extensive South African branch network spans Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town

Krew is South Africa's first weekly guy's magazine!. Boasting an array of local and international content including the hottest SA girls, the coolest cars, the latest sports stories, reviews, recommendations, and undercover reporting from the country's most talented writers.

Previously known as The Weekly Mail. Both its critics and fans still know it for short as The Wail. A South African newspaper, published nationwide each Friday morning, aimed at serious readers.

At New Media Publishing we're good at … Words, Friday drinks, winning awards, giving awards, innovation, photography, typography, pictures, puppy training, advertorials, paying attention, eating in (and out), golfing, covers, tailoring, trends, fashion, selling, advertising, banking, retail, concepts, koeksusters, decorating, design, technology, driving, kuiering, layout, networking, big ideas, simple executions, working hard, playing harder. Our jukskei team is rubbish, however.

Picasso Headline, a subsidiary of Johnnic Communications, publishes a diverse range of publications in association with leading organisations and corporations. Through expertise in media sales, project management, editorial and design functions, Picasso Headline is able to produce publications for any organisation.

PrintAbility is an independent South African printing company based in Kwazulu-Natal but servicing all of South Africa. Living up to it's motto 'Africa's Finest Printers', it prides itself on the finest state of the art equipment in Africa, superior service levels, total reliability and timeous delivery.

Sappi Fine Paper is a global business with manufacturing assets in eight countries on three continents, with customers in over 100 countries.

Strika is Africa's premier comic company. We specialise in sponsored comic products and our flagship product, the Supa Strikas, is now distributed across 7 African countries.

Superbrands is the independent arbiter on branding. The organisation promotes the discipline of branding and pays tribute to exceptional brands. Superbrands programmes operate in over 40 countries. Superbrand status is awarded by an independent Superbrands Council.

The Publishing Partnership offers a broad range of media products, from customer publications and books to consumer research and websites. We also have a highly experienced research department. As the pre-eminent retail contract publisher in South Africa, printing over 24 million magazines annually, we have made reaching your customer the cornerstone of our business.

Top Companies Publishing and it's sister company, Top Conferences and Events, are amongst the leaders of South Africa's business-to-business communication – producing authoritative, informative and poignant annual business publications as well as high profile pertinent events and conferences.

The Media Lounge t/a Trade Edge Publications with eight publications in our stable has become a trusted supplier reference to the majority of buyer's within our business-to-business sector.

Louis Eksteen and Kim Browne created UCM (UpperCase Media, a Media24/Emap Company) in 1999 as a joint venture between SA's number one magazine group Media24, in the Naspers stable, and Emap plc, the UK's premier magazine publishing company.

Is There Any Silk Screen Printing Class?
I Live In Winnetka, Reseda That Area And Im Looking For A Class I Can Take At A Occupational Center Or Community College, Or Any Class Of That Nature. Can Any Help With A List Or Suggestions.

Here is a nice free website on how to do silk-screenign if you cannot find anything in your area. Nothing complicated.


Starting A Screen Printed T-Shirt Business?
I Want To Print A Picture Of John F. Kennedy On A Shirt And Sell Copies Of It To Some Of My Friends And Maybe On The Internet. What Kinds Of Pictures Can I Use Of Him That I Don'T Have To Worry About A Lawsuit Or Royalty. Like Free To Use For Commercial Purposes.

Given below point will help you.

1. Determine which type of printing you want to do. T-shirts are traditionally printed with screen printing. In recent years, digital imaging has become a popular method for printing T-shirts. Which technology will you use in your shop? Screen printing is good for one- and two-color prints and for multicolor prints on long runs. Digital imaging is good for full color short runs.
2. It is possible to purchase an ink-jet printer for less than $100. With this, some T-shirt transfer paper and some blank T-shirts you will be set up to create a run of T-shirts. Likewise, many art supply stores can sell basic screen printing kits for $100 or less. However, to create professional quality work, it is best to use professional tools. Consult the website Screen Printers for basic information about all things screen printing. They also sell direct-to-garment digital imaging printers, which cost close to $20,000. The more direct line to a profitable business is to set up a screen printing shop with a manual T-shirt press. One outstanding supplier is Midwest Sign. A complete screen printing shop can be set up for under $10,000. It is also possible to set up a screen print shop with basic or homemade equipment.
3. Create a business plan. Who is your target market? If you live in a university town, you may choose to focus your sales and marketing efforts on the university community. Do you live in a tourist destination? You may focus your sales efforts on selling to retailers catering to tourists. Perhaps you are aiming at schools, summer camps or some combination of target markets. Spread the word about your new business with various marketing techniques, including online listings. Create business support materials such as brochures, cards, price lists and a website.
4. Develop a price structure. Research the cost of blank T-shirts from several wholesalers. Consult with other T-shirt printers and collect sample quotes to familiarize yourself with prices. Each job will consist of the blank shirt cost, the markup on the blank shirt and a printing price. Calculate an hourly shop rate. Most T-shirt printing shops need to pull $50 to $100 profit (before fixed costs) per production hour to be profitable. Know your fixed costs such as rent, electricity and loans to determine your monthly bottom line. Determine your terms of business, such as requiring a 50-percent down payment and the rest upon delivery, with credit terms of net payment due in 30 days to credit-worthy clients.
5. Set up shop. Determine your square footage, plumbing and electrical needs. Rent your space and set up your equipment. Test your equipment on sample jobs before running a commercial job.

Custom Airbrushmatrix Tee

Custom Airbrushmatrix Tee

Custom Airbrushmatrix Tee

Custom Tee Shirts Ottawa IL Updated 10-25-10

Custom Tee Shirts Ottawa IL Updated 10-25-10

http://www.terrificoriginals.com. Features embroidered shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and bags. Logos on polos. Heat transfers on tee shirts and caps. Embroidered baby clothes, and t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and jackets for schools.

Kep calm and play beach soccer ★ Custom t-shirts ★ silkscreen printing

Kep calm and play beach soccer ★ Custom t-shirts ★ silkscreen printing

★ Custom t-shirts and textiles
★ Silkscreen printing or screen printing
★ 100% EKO friendly printing – water paint inks
★ Personalized prints and screen prints on clothing and textiles.

★ T-shirts with print order www.pracowniakreska.eu

Eco-friendly water-based inks are:
• hypoallergenic
• odourless, non-toxic and safe for children
• certified to the most strict environmental standards
• soft-to-the-touch prints which can be safely ironed
• print guarantee: lifetime

Create your custom shirt for you special events:
– business events, – company shirts, – promotions,
– college events, – bands, – advertising, – meetups,
– freedom of speech, – clubs, – teams, – church, – and more …

We are screenprinters and we love what we do!


The best way to take off a T-Shirt so fast!

The best way to take off a T-Shirt so fast!

Never waste another second taking off your shirt the old-fashioned way again.

Bulk blank t shirts

Bulk blank t shirts

Buy https://www.neevov.com/plain-t-shirts-bulk bulk blank (plain) t shirts with cotton 180 GSM clothes quality. Buyer can purchase round neck and half sleeve tee shirts.

Morsay – Booba a copié sur mes T-shirts

Morsay – Booba a copié sur mes T-shirts

comandez votre dvd du film la vengeance ou dans toutes les fnac de france http://video.fnac.com/a4056091/Vengeance-DVD-Zone-2 !! et ossi la bande originale compilation truand 2 la galere “apres la haine la vengeance” commandez le ici !!!!!! http://musique.fnac.com/a3678300/Truand-2-La-Galere-Apres-la-haine-la-vengeance-CD-album gitan manouche meaux beauval pierre collinet villeparisis banlieue baston batar ben best beyonce bigg big biggie bitch black block bombe booba booska-p boxe boy break california can casablanca cent changes chanson Cite city clash clips club coast comedy concert cost crips cry dead dear death deathrow deep diam’s disco die dieu diss dmx dog Dogg doggy don don’t dr dre east Eazy emeute eminem fatal feat fight fogiel francais france freestyle fry funk gad game gang gangsta ghetto goes gospel hip hip-hop hiphop hit hommage hop hot i’m ice interview jackson jamel jay-z jim jojo Juelz justin K-Ci kamelancien kanye keep knight Kurupt L.A. La le las life like lil lim live Lloyd los love mad made mafia makaveli mama mansion maroc michael mike Mims mix montana mort mtv nas Nate new niggaz notorious old outlaw outlawz pac Pac’s pacs police pub publicité Puff prison rap remix rémy Rihana Rihanna rip rock roger rnb Rohff row rue sarko sarkozy school shakur side sinik snoop song soprano

Trophies Oxnard, CA | (805) 487-2224

Trophies Oxnard, CA | (805) 487-2224

Trophies Oxnard, CA
Aswell Trophy
235 N. Oxnard Blvd
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 487-2224

Aswell Trophy, a trophy shop in Oxnard, CA, has been family owned and operated for over 50 years. We are the one stop shop for all your recognition needs: trophies, plaques, engraving, embroidery, silk screening tshirts, banners, signage, nametags, crystal and acrylic awards.

Rubber Neck Signs in Oxnard installs stellar vehicle wrap for Raul’s Gate Systems

Rubber Neck Signs in Oxnard installs stellar vehicle wrap for Raul’s Gate Systems

Designed, printed and installed by Rubber Neck Signs in Oxnard, this stunning wrap shows off the beautiful gates constructed by Raul’s Gate Systems.




Leather Jacket Heelp?
I Need A Black Leather Jacket Under $50, Any Store Websites?

Here are some genuine leather jackets from Ebay





That last link is a "buy it now" …you can buy and pay with a credit card immediately rather than bidding. All you need is an ebay username and password. Hurry, it's a great deal!

What Are The Placements On Letterman Jacket &Quot;Letters&Quot;?
How Are They Place On The Jackets, The Year Has T/B On Them? Where Do You Place The Year, I See A Few On The Front Pocket?

Letterman Jacket

A letter jacket is a jacket traditionally worn by high school and college students in the United States to represent school and team pride. The body (i.e., torso) is usually of wool (especially melton cloth) and the sleeves, of leather, with the wearer's name stitched on the breast, and the sport(s) and/or activities(s) in which the wearer participates stitched on one arm.
Letter jackets are usually produced in the school colors. The letter jacket derives its name from the letter or letters on its left breast, which are almost always the initials of the high school or college the jacket came from. For example, a letter jacket from Jersey High School would have a large J on the left breast.
Letterman Jackets are also known as "Varsity Jackets" in some places.

Difference Between Garments And Apparels?

Garments are for wearing and apparels for home furnishing

garment is basically consists of one or more fabric or leather pieces joined firmly with the help of thread, fabric and trims, into a well designed shapes ready for wearing ..e.g shirts , trousers, jackets, scarf, shorts, etc.

Apparels are slight different from garments it also consists of all these things but not for wearing …e.g bed sheets , curtains etc

Lds, Mormons, How Much Can An Endowed Member Speak Freely Of The Garments After Endowmen?
And How Much Does A Pair Cost Nowadays! The Discussion Came Up Last Night And I Said Garments Cost About 75$ A Pair, But I Thought Otherwise, After Thinking About It, And Then I Said We Are Not Allowed To Talk About Anything In The Temple.

garments cost about 7$……..you must have a temple recommend to purchase them

…………….they are a representation of the coat of skins given to adam and eve when they realized they were naked….
it is a guide for your modesty in clothing….you must wear clothing that hide the garment at all times.
………………if one has an accident and is blessed before hand…to remain on the earth because of a particular calling..the garment will protect you……
it carries with it…a certian memory of the covenants ..promises ,you make to God in the temple…..
it is sacred….

it is basically the respresentation of the garments jews wore and do wear to remind them of Gods laws
it is what is spoken of many times in the bible…" put on thy holy garments oh israel"

a mormon of 40 years and temple worker

Aran Sweaters Have Been Intimately Linked To Clans And Their Identities -?
I Am Just A Plain Ordinary Individual Who Who Like To Own One – Where Is The Best Place To Buy One From And What Should I Look For In A Good Sweater – Oh And One Which Doesnt Make You Sweat Would Be Good Too

Aran sweaters can be bought in almost any store on the aran islands, off Ireland, near Galway.
But also in many more stores in the whole of Ireland and shops that specialize in Irish things outside Ireland.

Real Aran sweaters are knitted of wool, and are pretty thick.
Therefor they are really warm, if not windproof.
If you wear them in the right climate they will not make you sweat, but not many people live in the right climate.

If you like to own an Aran style sweater, but do not live where it is cold enough, try to buy a thinner copy of man made fibres, those are often less warm.

By the way, the story that the sweaters are linked to clans is not confirmed, it is more likely that the women of a certain village or family did use certain patterns by preference, therefor the men of a village would wear them. But not like Scotland where the tartans are claimed by clans. (Used to be as informal in the past.)

Where Is This Sweater?
Ok Here Is A Link To A Picture Of An Adorable Outfit I Really Want To Buy. I Have Been Looking Everywere For This Sweater And I Cant Find One Exactly Like It. Would You Please Take A Look And Tell Me Where I Can Find It Online? Thanks!

That exact sweater is by Markus Lupfer. You can buy it here but its expensive


However this one looks a lot like it


And if you wanna browse for more similar ones try it here


Hope I helped xx

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