Leather Jacket Heelp?
I Need A Black Leather Jacket Under $50, Any Store Websites? Thaanks

Here are some genuine leather jackets from Ebay





That last link is a "buy it now" ...you can buy and pay with a credit card immediately rather than bidding. All you need is an ebay username and password. Hurry, it's a great deal!

What Are The Placements On Letterman Jacket &Quot;Letters&Quot;?
How Are They Place On The Jackets, The Year Has T/B On Them? Where Do You Place The Year, I See A Few On The Front Pocket?

Letterman Jacket

A letter jacket is a jacket traditionally worn by high school and college students in the United States to represent school and team pride. The body (i.e., torso) is usually of wool (especially melton cloth) and the sleeves, of leather, with the wearer's name stitched on the breast, and the sport(s) and/or activities(s) in which the wearer participates stitched on one arm.
Letter jackets are usually produced in the school colors. The letter jacket derives its name from the letter or letters on its left breast, which are almost always the initials of the high school or college the jacket came from. For example, a letter jacket from Jersey High School would have a large J on the left breast.
Letterman Jackets are also known as "Varsity Jackets" in some places.

Good Sites Where I Can Sell Custom T-Shirts?
Hey! So I'M Into Youtube And My Channel Is Growing To Where I Believe Might Be A Good Basis For Starting The Sale Of T-Shirts. What Are Some Common Sites That I Can Have Custom T-Shirts Made For Not That Expensive. I Used To Know Them, But I'Ve Since Forgotten Them.

Consider these 3 options:

Affiliate market for existing store sites for about 15% commission, ni inventory/shipping hassles.

Create a virtual "store" on a print on demand site like Zazzle.com or Cafepress.com, you just upload art, set prices, let them take payment and ship the product, Prices are high but may be a good way to test the market interest in your designs.

Make your own site, set up shopping cart, payment processing, invest in an inventory to get volume print price breaks and facilitate quick delivery. Handle order packing, shipping.

A few suppliers
All over shirt prnting

$4.95 shirts imagemarket.com

spreadshirt.com, Customink.com more shirt printers

You could seem more artistic using a local screen printer making prints you can feel, who makes each one a bit different.

Silk Screening Is An Expensive Process. Is There Any Way I Can Get A Detailed Image Printed On A Shirt Cheap?
I Have An Image I Want Printed On A Shirt, But The Startup Costs For Silk Screening Are Very Expensive. If I Were Printing In Bulk It Would Be A Different Story, But I Just Want A Shirt Made For Myself Without Having To Pay A Few Hundred Bucks For It. Is There Any Way I Can Get A Detailed Image Printed On A Shirt For Cheap?

try these websites


you have to upload the art in either illustrator/photoshop format (.ai, .eps, .psd or .pdf) or VERY high resolution jpg/gif format. should run you about $20 for a one side color print.

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